q) What is it?
a) Two dietary supplements combined using a proprietary process.

q) What does it do?
a) Completely removes tartar buildup from teeth (just like a dentist's cleaning). "Pearl smooth teeth in 7 to 10 days".

q) How long does it last?
a) About a month longer than a dentist's cleaning.

q) Can I stop brushing/flossing my teeth?
a) No. Brushing/flossing keeps the gums healthy and removes food particles from teeth.

q) Can I stop going to the dentist?
a) Go to the dentist for x-rays/checkups and repairs, but there won't be any tartar to scrape.

q) Who is it for?
a) People who can't get to the dentist, people who won't go to the dentist, etc.

q) How often should I take it?
a) We use it once a month.

q) Will it work on my dog/cat?
a) Yes, but that green stuff (periodontitis) that took 5 or 10 years to form is hard to remove. Their teeth will improve but it takes time. Give it to them before their teeth get bad and feed them dry food and they will do fine.

q) Really, what is it?
a) Nanomolecular silver particles & water. It's the only dissolved silver product ever developed with measurable human results; not petri dish results, but real human results. with a single ounce.

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