How To Be A Circuit Board Designer - Comments

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"I wish I had this when I was first starting out."
"I was learning stuff on Page One!"
Jack's Wife
"i am very interesting and admired about your web.
it is very benefited for pcbdesigner."
Jan (China)
"HatsOff to your Grt Effort. Thanks for sharing your
Vast Experience & knowledge which would be of
Grt help to all pcb designers!!!!!!!!!!!"
Ramesh.R (India)
"I was thrown into a layout job right from graduation with absolutely no knowledge about PCB layout. A friend of mine recommended your website to me. Your website really helped me understand PCB layout fundamentals. Thank you!"
Alexa (Canada)
"I've been designing printed circuit boards for over 30 years, and I've made Jack's site my home page. You've done a great job Jack, this site has saved me countless hours looking for stuff I'd learnt once but forgotten, never know in the first place, or just had a different opinion on. Perhaps I am one of the monkeys of which you speak!
This site is full of really useful stuff that should be part of any PCB designer's toolbox. All in all a thoroughly comprehensive site that I refer all my colleagues to. Great job Jack!"
Chris Simmonds (
Hello Jack,
I just wanted to say thank you for your site. I've done a PCB schematic and layout before but it was under the direction of a senior engineer. I've moved on to another job and am completely solo with my new project and your website has been fantastic in explaining a lot of things I just accepted from the other engineers. The biggest obstacle I had was understanding some of the specifications on the assembly drawings. Again your site was a wealth of information and has vastly expanded my understanding in just a few days. I'll definitely recommend it to any new PCB designer.
Sincerely, Anthony


(you're welcome)
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